Want to Know How to Stop Beard Itch? ARGH?!


So we all are very aware that currently (and hopefully for the rest of time if anyone has an ounce of bloody common sense), beards are popular for men throughout the globe, and numerous diverse styles have appeared, ranging from a full-face big ol’ beard to a more reigned in goatee.

Once you grow a beard, you tend to learn techniques of taking care and grooming it as it grows. Itching represents a very broad part of the beard growing process and the process is awfully irritating, but there are methods to battle and lull the itching portion of the growing beard.

One of the most common reasons why men give up on growing a luxurious beard is the constant itching. IT’S A PAIN MAN!!! The first weeks of trying to grow the beard comes with irritation that can become so severe for a person to swear never grow a beard again. We understand that learning how to stop beard itch is a valuable skill and that’s why we have KINDLY added the solution right here.

Is this you? THEN WAIT! We do NOT want you to shave off that beautiful shrub just yet. We have the solutions right here. If you follow our lead in this regard you WILL find that you can get the very most out of your beard.

How to Clean Your Beard

beard washDuring the first weeks of beard growth, a person can experience discomfort and itching because those new strident hairs irritate the skin surface. The science behind this is actually kinda gross, but necessary to understand.

Every day, thousands of dead skin cells are shed from the face, but the new beard traps those cells and holds them close to the face surface. It’s a perfectly natural thing! You shouldn’t be put off by that, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. By not allowing the skin to shed away, it causes itchiness and irritation to occur.

Therefore, when growing a beard do not use regular hair shampoo when washing the beard, instead use beard shampoo that will support the shedding of the skin.

Shampoo such as medicine man beard wash (our personal recommendation as it has eased our irritation a lot in the past and is SPECIFICALLY for itchy beards), are designed to help lull the skin and eliminate dead cells, and reducing the irritating itch.

Someday, if a person has patience, the beard will become soft and downy, following a few days of washing with appropriate shampoo. Honestly, the benefits here are incredibly impressive, and you will never go back to regular shampoo when washing your beard again!

When it is nice and soft, your better half will find it comfortable to lay on the beard as she nuzzles up to you. That can’t be a bad thing, right? When your partner has a hard day, this can be a huge positive.

Be that positive influence in their life! You can do it!

Thus, men should wash their faces every day, since men have naturally oily skin. To keep the beard clear and healthy, wash your face twice per day; in the morning and before going to bed. And your beard will become a different story. Indeed, and we don’t mean to be drenched in hyperbole here, but maybe your LIFE will become a different story.

Here is some MORE science.


Our bodies naturally excrete oils that aid to keep beards happy and healthy. Washing the beard every day strips the oil from the skin, leading to dryness and potentially damaged hair; this is why it is so important to moisturize your beard. Alternatively, wash your beard twice per week. However, if a person spends a lot of time outside, they might need to wash their beard every day. In general, it’s just a good habit to get into.

Use a mild cleanser to do the job. Body shampoos and regular cleanser tend to be tougher cleansers and will strip the beard of its natural oils. Normal face shampoos are not considered to be good cleansers, because they leave the beard too dry, making it void of its natural skin oils. These oils are a natural lubricant and go an awful long way in relieving beard itch.

itchy beardThus, utilise a cleanser built for both your face and facial hair. Simple as! This one is our favourite.

These cleansers are formulated to softly clean the face and man fuzz without totally stripping the beard of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and strong. Some also comprise of mild conditioners that help to ‘relax’ your beard (can’t think of a more apt word here but anyone who has a big beard will know exactly what we’re talking about), while leaving the face revitalised, energised and clean.

Shampoo represents a good second choice. Shampoo is designed to clean the hair, but not the face. Once you’re finished showering, smoothly pat dry the beard and smear a dual purpose face moisturiser and beard conditioner.

These will work well as a daily moisturiser and beard oil; they will just lock in the moisture, reduce itchiness, and make your beard and face healthy, happy and well hydrated. Beard care products are produced specially for conserving a well groomed beard. Thus, continuous moisturising of your face helps to relieve the itching. It’s just the smart thing to do.

How to Condition Your Beard

man scratching beardGrowing a beard is an expression of freedom, but also involves commitment. In knowing how to stop beard itch, you need to understand the role condition plays.

Beards need some upkeep, as an unkempt beard looks like shit, to be blunt. Just like head hair, beard hair requires to be conditioned to become soft and fluffy.

Regular hair conditioners are designed for head hair, thus not recommended for beard hair. An excellent beard conditioner covers the beard hair with anti-tangling agents, making them resilient to knots and hitches; It protects them from breakage and keeps them smooth. Conditioners such as Beardsley beard conditioner is a good example of what will work in this regard.

We have a good resource right here that will tell you all about the best beard conditioners.

Conditioners are useful in beard growth softening while your sideburns are short and growing, to inhibit them from rasping your hair follicles and face. Conditioner can work wonders, making your hair soft and will most certainly result in fewer itches.

Use conditioner when the beard is short; because the hair on the face is slightly different from the hair on the head. Caring for your facial needs a modified array of instructions, but it does not need to be complex.

It is essential to keep your moustache clean and well-conditioned, also. Don’t forget the tache, dudes! To do this, simply apply the same shampoo and conditioner that you use on your beard on your tache. If the beard is dull, conditioning is vital because dull hair can mature to become thicker and stubbier than coloured hair. This is kinda weird, but basically the hair is ‘heavier’, which leads itself more to this.

Conditioning helps to soften the beard in lots of ways. The skin has more moisture, less flakiness, and thus the facial hair softens and calms. For disorderly beards, a blob of beard balm will make those whiskers smooth. In addition to washing and conditioning, keep your beard well preserved by using a top quality beard balm.

Best Oils For Conditioning Name Price Rating
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Tips for Beard Care

Seek Professional Assistance

To give the hair on your face the best form possible, look for a good barber and have it shaved professionally. Finding a professional barber can be dangerous these days, but there definitely are some good barbers out there. After your coiffeur has professionally trimmed your beard, you can upkeep it easier at home.

Use Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil allows you to perceive what you are cutting and helps to ensure clean shapes around your beard.

We have a list of the best pre shave oils and more info on it here.

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Badger Man Care $$ 4.6

Invest in a Quality Trimmer

A quality electric razor represents a key to a well-trimmed beard. Choose a sleeker with a flexible trimming guide for fault proof trimming. Stay away from shears as you will have a hard time achieving an even shave. If you want to shave the beard out, buy two scissors.

A full sized scissors will perform the overall trimming easily, while the small fine-toothed clipper will shave loser and allow a person to attain a clean shave outline. For trimming process, And is headline is the best recommend.

Luckily, we have you covered for both trimmers and scissors.

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Comb the Beard Out

Use a fine-toothed comb, to keep your beard free and smooth, from the kinks by running the comb through your beard in the hair growth direction.

We cannot recommend this beard comb enough. It is wonderful!

Color your Beard Carefully

If the hair is in any way graying or ageing, apply selected dyes that are specifically formulated for beard. We don’t really have any experience here so we’ll leave that research up to you.

How to Maintain your Beard

To grow a splendid beard, simply avoid shaving and WAIT IT OUT: that is what most men believe, and, at the beginning at least, it’s the right thing to do.

The fact is though, that in the long term, growing a beard and maintaining it entails a lot of care and one of the most remarkable qualities you will gain as a beardsman is tolerance and patience. A moustache is not measured by the length, but it is actually gauged by months. Each length offers slightly diverse challenges. From the first phase of beardless to about the second week – beard gets itchy, may look patchy, and generally shaggy.

The reason the beard becomes itchy is because when the hair is shaved, a person essentially creates little spikes on the tips of each hair. Dirty, nasty, annoying little spikes.

The spikes finally get long enough to bend around and nudge at your skin. The neck remains the main suspect to this because of the slant where the neck joins the head.

I mean, think about it logically – your skin isn’t getting the sunlight or nourishment the rest of your face gets because it is covered in hair.

Using beard balms and oils on your beard helps to reduce beardruff (dandruff for beards). Oils help to keep your skin and beard follicles moisturised and nourished. When a beard begins to grow, it will begin to need some products to maintain the skin and hair’s quality.

The longer a person goes without treating itchy beards, beardruff thrives! Honestly, it will become prevalent due to the skin becoming too dry and starting to flake. Oils are effective and act as a natural way to trap moisture for your skin. Balm contains shea or cocoa butter products that helps oil to spread evenly and easily when applied. Balms prevent skin and beard dryness thus reducing itchiness. DELICIOUS.

To maintain a beard follow the outlined instructions:

  • Just be patient and wait for it to grow; the itchiness is temporary and shortly it will disappear.
  • Apply sufficient amount of moisturiser such as beard oil. Avoid moisturisers that contain alcohol because these types of moisturisers are designed for dry skin, and won’t do much to help your beard.
  • During the first stage of beard growth, apply scuff softener. This product helps to make the stubble softer.

When it begins to attain a suitable length but is still quite short, use a natural bar of soap because it contains no irritant chemicals. However, there are numerous types of soap options in the market for a person to choose from, so take heed and care here. If it has too many ingredients, then maybe stay away from it.

Once you pass the itchy phase, you will enter a stage where the beard looks untidy. To tidy up your look, trim the neck, upper cheeks, and handlebar mustache lip. If you want to attain the beard, or natural beard look, leave the beard untouched.

How to Trim Your Beard

A well-groomed and well-trimmed beard represents a great addition to an individual personal look. It’s kind of an essential skill. The creative options for facial hair are basically endless – here are procedures to follow when trimming your beard.

1. Wash the beard thoroughly with a shampoo

It is essential to start trimming with a clean and dry beard. The facial hair contracts oil just like the hair on the head, so the beard also requires a good washing to ensure you achieve a clean trim. Scrub the beard with beard shampoo in the shower, and then pat it with a towel to dry. Avoid using shampoos designed for dry skin. People always forget to pat the beard with a towel, but it’s an important step! Don’t skip it.

2. Comb your beard

Combing your beard removes tangles and makes the beard easier to trim. Following the grain of the beard’s natural growth, direct your comb through the beard growing along on one side of the jaw line. Start at the ear edge, moving towards the chin.Do not pull-out the beard by combing against the grain. Comb the beard straight and always fluff the beard later with your hands. This is basically just grabbing it and threading it through your fingers for a short amount of time.

3. Begin trimming in front of a large mirror

Make sure you have all the required equipment ready: such as scissors (our favourite here) or trimmer (our favourite here), towel, and comb, and any conditioning products you plan to use. You will also require an accessible outlet if you are using an electronic clippers that requires it. Many these days won’t, however. A multi-angle mirror is helpful in viewing the hard-to-reach parts of your beard.

4. Prepare a container for the beard trimmings

Blocking the sink with lots of teeny tiny hairs is a good approach to aggravate your housemates. Likewise, cleaning them after the trimming process is challenging and frustrating. Remove an annoying clean-up by preparing a small garbage container to collect the loose hair. Lay out some paper or a towel to collect the hair trimmed. If you have a stable and portable shaving mirror, trim your beard outdoors, and discarded the hair by just blowing it away into that sweet sweet nature!

It might seem difficult to trim a beard if your crucial goal is length, but a little trimming goes a long way during the stubborn beard growth stages.When trimming the base, stretch out the skin. The neck skin line can cluster together, so be sure to graze over the main surface of the skin. Do not assume all beard hair have the same length: Like with cloths, every type of measurements is slightly different.Always test the guard before settling into the preferred length.


Men can get a bit over excited with their razors, and cut considerable amounts of hair and then cut the entire beard off. Because of the possibility of mistakes, wait for at least one month to trim the beard. Honestly, please just wait it out!

Most of the new beardsmen trim their neckline too high. The best location for the neckline is the position where the neck joins the head. So if the beard area is comparable with the ground, do not trim; if the beard is parallel to the world in front of you, then you can trim.

When cutting down the moustache, use a pair of scissors over an electric razor (most of the time). This gives you more control and you can only cut a few hairs at a given time. With the cheek line, go with the natural line and only trim off few stragglers that have grown outside that line. Growing out beards starts being great fun and about two months you can notice the beard does really funky things.

Enjoy it beardsmen! Honestly, beard itch is such a huge pain, and can be really difficult to combat it if you don’t go into it armed with both knowledge and a few select products.

Have the smooth beard you’ve always wanted and go about sorting out the beardruff once and for all. Now that you all know how to stop beard itch, you will find that your entire life is about to get a tenfold increase 😉

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