Virtual Reality Kit DIY Guide – Cheaper And More Fun



Virtual reality is back and with some incredible sets in development, the best is yet to come. Virtual reality is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three dimensional world, making it suited for games, movies, and much more.

With prices ranging from $70 (for cheap sets) to $600 (latest and greatest) are there more affordable options for you to test drive a virtual reality kit and check to see if this is something that you might enjoy without experience any negative side effect (less money in the bank, blurred vision, and headaches).

Luckily a while back, Google Cardboard was released.  It’s exactly as the name says, a piece of cardboard that holds your smart phone through which you can start experiencing virtual reality enabled games and movies.

You can buy it from Google’s site for around $20.  Or you can build your own headset. Yes, it’s that simple, after all this kit is just a cardboard.

For this DIY kit, you will need the following items:

  1. The Google Cardboard cut out template
  2. Scissors
  3. Cutting knife (exacto/stencil cutter)
  4. Glue stick and glue gun
  5. A convex lens (from small magnifying glass or toy binoculars) or a clear plastic bottle
  6. Syringe with needle
  7. Quick dry epoxy
  8. Velcro or rubber band
  9. Magnets (optional)
  10. Smartphone

Note: if you got a convex lens, you can skip step #6 and #7 above as they will be used to fill the gap of the the two plastic bottle pieces with water and seal the two plastic bottle pieces together (more of this below).

After gathering all the required items, I recommend that you do the following to assemble your DIY kit:

#1 . Head over to and go over their step by step instructions guide. The do a good job explaining everything in details. They even cover how you can build your own convex lens using a plastic bottle.

#2. Go over this quick 5 mins video guide. It shows you how simple and easy it is to build and assemble the DIY kit.


Going over the guide and the video will help you get an idea of what is required to assemble the kit and how to go about doing it.

Remember, once you have your kit assembled and ready and your phone charged, you will need to search for “360 virtual reality” videos on YouTube or head over to the Google Play store and download VR enabled apps to fully experience the “virtual reality” effect of your DIY kit.

It’s worth to note that you might experience dizziness, a motion sickness like feeling, or headaches. This is normal as your brain and body are trying to adjust to the new virtual reality experience. Obviously, if it gets really bad, then you should put down the virtual reality kit. But don’t feel bad, at least you now know that virtual reality is not for you and you will be glad that you only spent no more than $15 on this DIY kit.