The 5 Best Beard Combs: The REAL Secret to a Good Beard


Whatever your view is about beards, the topic of how to get the most out of your beard is always interesting. We’ve spent the last few months testing and trying the beard beard comb on the market (with Baxter’s of California’s Large Comb edging the rest), and we are really glad with the list that we’ve come up with.

We all know that beards are an interesting topic. Some men love them (you are probably one of them. If not – why are you here?!), some women ban their husbands from having one. Some men take great pride in them and take care in how they grow them while others are simply happy with a scrubby growth growing out of their chin. Modern men do strange things to have a great looking beard, and yet combing it isn’t one of the better known things.

Why is that?

If you are not sure of what type of beard comb you should buy and do not want to be like the traditional Koreans or ancient warriors and use wood (seriously, they do), then here are the ones you should purchase:

The 5 Best Beard Combs Review

1. Baxter of California Men’s Large Comb

best beard comb

This little beauty is handcrafted from start to finish. Simply put, in our opinion it is the best beard comb. PERIOD.

Made from cotton and tree pulp cellulose, this polymer withstands every kind of beard you bring its way. Long hair, short hair, in between, it doesn’t matter – this comb can style them all. There is a twelve step process that takes this comb from the start of a polymer to the beautiful finished product and each step is one by hand. With a great combination of thick and thin rounded teeth, this comb is the perfect choice.

Why go with wood and have to pick splinters out of your hair when a comfortable plastic version is handy? The craftsmanship on this beard is something that we have not seen matched elsewhere on the market. All in all, if you could pack one beard comb to use for the rest of your life, Baxter of California’s Large Comb would be it. Simple as.

One drawback to the Baxter comb range in some people’s minds is their size. Some people think it is too small for its purpose; or that you need smallish hands in order to wield it properly. Some are only 3 ¼ inches long so it may take some practice to maneuver it expertly and groom your beard like a pro. But then the comb is designed to groom beards and mustaches, not great looking hairdos.

You won’t have that issue with the large comb here – it’s the perfect size for anyone.

If you want compliments on the look and style of your beard, then you should purchase this beard comb. It does its job well. VERY WELL.

Don’t let its flexibility fool you, this is a comb for every type of beard and it does not back down from any facial hair challenge.

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2. Kent 81T Men’s Extra-Small Handmade Beard/Moustache Comb

Kent 81T

If you do not want to purchase a Swiss comb then a quick trip across through the chunnel to London will bring you to one of the best beard combs on the market today. England has always been a great place to find quality men’s grooming products and these beard combs are no exception.

The Kent 81T is a great example of English manufacturing and it does not disappoint. Designed a little differently than the Baxter comb, the handle pleases many men as they can get a good grip on the comb and maneuver it with ease. Although both brands boast an ergonomic handle, the Kent’s is more obviously so.

The 81T comes in different colors and it can come combined with separate folding mustache comb – your purchase depends upon your preferences and needs. It also comes in a variety of prices.

One reason the quality of this comb has been maintained is that Kent brushes is still a family owned business after 6 generations and it wasn’t until 1932 that a non-family member took the reins and continued the Kent family tradition of producing great brushes.

We love that familly shit. The Kent brush company is still family owned as the grandson of that original outsider is still at the helm of the company. Now that’s continuity.

This well balanced, plastic comb will fit in the palm of your hand which surprises a lot of people, yet it still does the job. As they say, good things come in small packages. The handle makes the difference, giving a chance to hang on and direct it to do what you want.

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3. Wild Nest Beard Comb Pocket-Size

Wild Nest CombIf you want to feel like you are back in the American wild west, then this is the comb you should grab. Also, if you want to feel like you are in traditional Korea or Asia, then you should buy this comb. It looks exactly like a Korean traditional wood comb save for the artistic bent. Made from Buffalo horn, you will be transported back to the old west of Buffalo Bill Cody.

This is craftsmanship at its finest. It just looks and feels special for some reason, and you will not find a snag in your beard with this beaut.

This comb fits in the pocket (its only 3.9” x 2.4” in size) and you can take it anywhere and use it when you need it. If you want that perfect beard look, then this comb will help you achieve that goal with its no sharp edge construction. The comb will not snag your hair (unless you damage it) and there is very little static from the sandalwood/buffalo horn design.

While lacking a handle like the Kent comb, this version of the beard comb is still easy to use and the design of it means that the handle isn’t really necessary. As it is made of wood (and buffalo horn) it leaves a pleasant but small woody scent as you comb through and, as mentioned above, static won’t be an issue.

Wild Wild Nest are a relatively new company on the scene, but their quality has shot them up to one of the big boys of beard combs. The one thing you may find a con with this comb is that it aint cheap, retailing at about $30 on Amazon.

That said, one of the worst things you can do for your beard is buy a cheap comb, and so for the relatively small investment, you can pick up this classy number.

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4. Kent 87T Brand New Limited Edition Folding Beard & Moustache Comb

Kent 87T

Returning to foggy old London from the sunny old wild west, the return of Kent to this list means that their reputation of 250 years is true and withstanding the pressure and challenge of the beard comb competition.

This great little comb is about the size of a chapstick container when folded. I personally LOVE the folding aspect of this comb.

It stands at 2” folded and opens up to double its size, 4”, when you need to use it for that scruffy fur on your chin. Like the Baxter beard comb, it too is made of a special polymer to give it strength and guarantee that it will not fold under pressure (pun intended).

The folding feature protects both the teeth of the comb and the lining of your pocket. Too often, open combs snag the thread or lining in your pocket and creates a sewing problem. Now, with the Kent 87T you are worry free in that regard. The folding feature keeps the teeth where they belong until you need to use the comb.

One downside is that the teeth may not line up exactly with the contours of your face and beard. You just have to take a little time and work out the kinks so you can groom your beard and have it look like an expert did it for you.

That said, the teeth themselves are softy rounded and positioned in such a way as to prevent snagging.

If you like handles on your combs then the fold out feature satisfies that preference. The handle allows you a better grip as you groom. This is a classy comb for any man.

One last thing to mention is that this is a limited edition comb, and when it’s gone it’s gone.

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5. Leven Rose Wooden Beard 7 Moustache Comb

Leven Rose CombHarkening back to the traditional days of Korea and some parts of Asia, this wooden comb helps you feel like a Korean warrior of old, and who doesn’t want a bit of that in their day? Also, if you are concerned about how corporations treat animals, Leven Rose makes a specific and bold point that they do not test their products on animals.

Made completely from bamboo, its construction means this product will be durable and the curved handle will fit comfortably in your hand. Comfort isn’t the only positive aspect to the curved design. You will get great smooth strokes from using this beard comb.

The wide teeth mean that it is perfect for longer beards, and the wooden design means that you can glide through it without any static.

Made in America this comb comes with a no questions asked, money back guarantee. Now if that isn’t an eye catcher, then not much else about this comb will be. The size clocks in at about 4” x 2” and is said to glide smoothly through your beard for easier grooming and smaller clean up afterwards.

Some people prefer a wood comb to other materials used as they claim it does not snag or tear the hair of your beard, but then all beard comb manufactures advertise that ability.

The company says if you love yourself, your face and you love your beard then you deserve the Leven Rose Wood Beard & Mustache comb.

And there you have it! That’s our list of the 5 best beard combs on the market today but stay tuned as we will continue to talk about the different beard combs on the market. You may or may not agree with this list but that is okay. Lists just give you an idea of the superior products out on the market.

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All Hair is Not the Same

The amazing thing about human hair is that it is not 100% the same. You actually have different types of hair that grow at different times throughout your life and they come in different textures and colors.

We are not going to get scientific here as it is a little complicated to explain but to summarize, hair follicles have different pigment colors inside of them and they express themselves differently. Weird huh?

That explains hair color but what about texture? That is due to the different types of hormones that govern hair growth and which part of the body the hair is growing on.

This is why you need different hair care products, like beard combs to manage and groom your hair. What works for the top of your head may not work for your beard.

Beard Length

When searching for the best beard comb a big factor is length. This is a major influence upon the customer’s decision when they look for a great beard comb to help keep their beard looking great all day long. This sentence needs it’s own line:

The length of your beard will determine what comb you get.

Some people have found that not all beard combs are alike because their beard hair is far too long for the comb to get to all the hair and comb it smoothly. Some combs teeth are far too short to do a credible grooming job. You need to make sure you are getting the right comb for the length of hair your beard possesses.

Also, the space between the comb’s teeth will affect your beard and its appearance. If you have a long beard then a comb with wider teeth is the one you should use. A wider space between the teeth allows for a better handling of tangles and knots in your beard. The narrower the space the better those combs are for shorter beards or for those men with very fine hair.

Construction & Cost

It is said that most men prefer a wood comb but there are plenty of combs out there made from plastic, horns, bone or even metal that do the job just as well. The comb you purchase depends upon your preference and sense of adventure. Polymers and plastics are a recent invention so historically wood, metal, and bone or horn combs have enjoyed a lot more popularity and the manufacturers of those combs have a lot more experience in bringing you the right comb for your beard.

Now, the cost between the different beard combs varies greatly. Some plastics and polymers are quite cheap but they can also be very expensive as we saw one listed at $58. How good it is depends on many factors but it is safe to say that you get what you pay for is a good guide when pricing a beard and mustache comb.

The 5 combs we reviewed above hit at different dollar levels from the more expensive at $19 or $20 to as low as just over $6. Of course you can get more expensive if you want. If you are like the South Korean people where status is more important than money, then you would probably seek to purchase a very overprices toiletry kit with a beard comb made with some exotic material.

Remember that a cheap price on the product means that it has been cheaply made. No business goes into selling their product with the goal of going out of business thus their costs and materials will be far cheaper than the comb they advertise and try to sell you.

Construction Methods

As we said, costs reflect manufacturing and cheap plastic or polymer combs are cheaply produced thereby guaranteeing you that you and your beard comb may not have a long lasting relationship. SNNNNNNAP!

Plastic combs (the cheap ones) are usually simply stamped out by a press in a mindless process that thinks nothing of the customer or the quality of the product. The faster they can get combs out on the market, the more money they will make. Do you want that going through your beard? Didn’t think so.

How you and your beard look does not matter to them. Their production is all about the bottom line. We’re not going to associate ourselves with that, and that’s why the five mentioned above have been tested thoroughly by us and have our seal of approval.

Go Handmade

There is nothing wrong with having a well-made beard comb that is produced with care and quality materials. The hand-made combs usually come from companies that enjoy a solid reputation and they want to keep that respect not only from their customer but from their fellow members of the business world. Baxter, Kent, Leven Rose et al – these are who you want to be dealing with.

In business sometimes all you have is your reputation and like Kent they strive to produce a product that maintains that respect and reputation so that they can survive in business. So far they have been doing a good job of it as they have been producing fine quality combs and brushes for over 240 years. Then on the other hand you have a bespoke company like Leven Rose who don’t have history but have oodles and oodles of TASTE. This is important.

Hand-made combs put the quality in facial hair grooming. They use better materials so that the combs last longer and the teeth are individually cut so that you do not have to worry about snags and other jagged edges that appear with cheaper combs.

To know that you are buying a quality hand-made comb, just run your fingers over the teeth. If it is cheap the teeth will bend a lot, a hand-made comb will reveal that they do not move as freely as a cheap one.

If you do not want to purchase too many combs then go for the hand-made option. These will last you for a long time if you take care of them. Your beard and mustache will thank you for it later.

A good reason why you need to buy a special beard and mustache comb is because your hair comb is not designed to handle a beard or mustache. Their teeth are spread too narrow for most beards. You buy a comb with the right spacing for your beard so you can groom your facial hair a lot more easily and for better les painful results.

How to Properly Comb Your Beard

You have had 14-18 years of practice combing your head hair thus it seems more natural than trying to comb your newly grown beard. This will change as you comb your beard more and more each day. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes and that saying holds true for beard grooming as well.

Here are five steps to help you groom and comb your beard and mustache with ease

  • Choose the right teeth—No, not dentures but the comb’s teeth. Make sure you have the correct width for your beard length and style. A dual purpose comb is best, one part for your beard and the other for your mustache.
  • Go Against the Grain—it is recommended you start at the bottom of your neck and work towards your chin. This method helps separate all the beard hair and allows you to comb it thoroughly, giving you that full look.
  • Do Not Tug or Pull Snags—Be gentle and comb through snags slowly. Sometimes the sang may not be a snag but a couple of hairs twisting together.
  • Go with the Grain—once you have gone against the grain, it is time to comb with it. This allows you to style the beard any way you want, giving you that masculine, virile look.
  • Hold Don’t Strangle the Comb—The comb is not your enemy nor is it trying to take your life. Get a good, firm grip that allows for some flexibility so that you won’t tear your face when you hit a snag.

Beard Comb or Beard Brush?

I know what you’re all thinking – “a beard brush and a beard comb are kinda the same thing. I’ll get one and that’ll be me sorted for a long while to come…”

Yeah, you’r right in lots of ways. A beard comb will indeed do the same job as a beard brush and vice versa, but there’s a level of complexity missing here.

A comb comes in very handy as your beard grows. If it is a very short beard, you can almost always get by with a good solid beard brush but as it grows, you will want to move up to a beard comb.

Here, this goes through the ins and outs pretty well.


Where the beard comb comes into its own is when it comes to prolonging the style of the beard as it gets longer. If you have a solid trimmer, beard scissors and a comb, you are sorted for styling.

A great beard comb also helps with spreading beard oil and balm around the neck and face, which is vitally important. Also, when you get out of the shower is a good time to get all of your personal hygiene and grooming out of the way. You should really only use a brush when your beard is dry, but you ca use a comb whenever. That’s why most guys go for the comb. It just makes things work when you’re getting yourself set up for the day.

The Benefits of Beard Grooming

1. It prevents ingrown hair

No longer will you be scratching and itching like a mad fool, and just begging the good sweet divine baby jesus to shave the whole goddamn thing off. Combing the beard allows the hairs to set and grow correctly, which will increase beard health hugely. However, you will need a top beard comb to achieve this.

2. It keeps your mouth clear for other activities. Delish

Eating wings, drinking ale, kissing, talking you goddamn mouth off. Whatever. Do what you want and don’t worry about your goddamn beard.

3. Helps application of beard accessories such as beard oil and beard balm

A pro tip is to comb the beard just after applying your beard oil and balm to your face. It will help naturally spread the balm across the beard and neck areas and will improve the overall spread of the good stuff. Just give the comb a quick rinse afterwards.

4. No more beardruff

The fact that you are combing the ingrown hairs, and helping the application of balms and oils mean that your beardruff will be greatly diminished.

5. Easier to Style

If it is all facing the right direction and in sync with itself, it will be easy to mould and style. Simple as, combing and grooming your beard will improve the stylability of the beard.

There you have it! We’ve given you our best beard comb preference as well as some facts on how to take care of your beard and mustache. We hope that you found it helpful in choosing the best beard comb for you and your specific needs. Remember – always go for quality ahead of the cheap option. These are combs – they’re not going to break the bank. It’s your face you’re talking about here, so be a man of quality and substance!

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