How to use Minoxidil and Rogaine to Thicken Facial Hair


For many years the beard has symbolized manhood and masculinity. I mean we obviously know that. Over the years through various fashion trends, the beard has changed its impact when it comes to a man’s look.

Lately, the beard is very trendy, and us guys are open to ideas about how to look better. We personally don’t see this trend ending anytime soon (I mean it started in 2013. How long does it have to be to be a ‘trend’? Men have always worn beards).

Some guys would like to have fuller and more consistent growth in their beards. Other guys have no issue and if anything have TOO much growth and have to consistently groom in order to keep it in check.

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What is Minoxidil?

minoxidilPut simply, people use Rogaine to thicken facial hair. For those wanted more consistent growth, one of the methods that can yield very satisfying results is Minoxidil, with the best known product in that line being Rogaine.

The application of Rogaine is known to affect the stimulation of hair cells and their regeneration. For many years Rogaine has been used by men who have lost their hair and they had brilliant results. But, how can Rogaine be used in facial hair to make your beard thicker?

Initially, Minoxidil was used as a treatment for people with high blood pressure (weird). During these treatments, hair regeneration and hair growth had been observed, and as such, people started to use Rogaine as an anti hair loss treatment. What a happy happenstance.

Does it work?

With the recent beard trends (again – we hate the word trend but whatever), Rogaine has gained more attention from people. But does minoxidil grow a thicker beard? Does Minoxidil work?

Our answer is yes, it works… WITH A CAVEAT. It definitely helps to strengthen EXISTING hair follicles to grow more, but it will do nothing to areas where there are no hair follicles at all.

People think that it’s the same as hair growth on your head. This isn’t the case. You’re not ‘balding’ in your face in the way you would in your head. If there aren’t hair follicles, it won’t do much. However if there are, it will certainly stimulate growth of hair in those places as mentioned here.

With the variety of goods that can be found on the market, it is usual that customers are reluctant to use hair generation products. All of those dodgy infomercials by fake and plastic presenters give it a bad wrap. It really isn’t that shady.

Regardless of which part of the body area is applied, Rogaine can breed hair cells and generate new hair. This is also true for your beard. In some cases, many guys have grown their beard from scratch through Rogaine. So why don’t you use it and have a thicker beard?

It’s a personal decision.

But something is essential. Putting minoxidil on your beard does not offer a solution quickly. Its use requires patience and dedication to see the results that will impress you (very similar to the patience required to grow a beard in general).

Additionally, you should use Rogaine regularly to get the expected results. Rogaine differs from other hair loss products. It is not a hormonal product, but it stimulates blood circulation and it regenerates hair cells through this process.

Another important issue is the publicity of this product. Most readers are surprised how this amazing product does not have the publicity it is supposed to have.

But there’s a reason.

No scientific testing has yet been done on facial hair, so it cannot be promoted yet as a certified product for beard growth. The men who have used it have had remarkable effects, and finally, a product that has not been scientifically tested does not mean that it does not have any positive results.

Undoubtedly, you should not avoid using Rogaine as long as you aren’t seeing any adverse effects (you shouldn’t get any). This product has some side effects that we will explain but aren’t risky for your health on the whole.

Minoxidil types and how to use them

The kind of Minoxidil you use is of great importance to the thickness of your hair and your results. Rogaine can be found in two types, as liquid or foam. We will show differences between these types so that buyers can make the right choice.

Rogaine – Topical Solution (Liquid)

rogaine liquid

If you’re looking for Rogaine to thicken facial hair, then the liquid form of this product is the original form. It contains 5% minoxidil for men and can be applied twice a day. The advantage of Minoxidil liquid is that it is cheaper than foam (hurray for the budget bros), but it takes a long time to dry. This product is also produced with a smaller amount than 2% minoxidil for women and that it can be applied twice a day.

How to apply it

To use on facial hair, you should first clean the face and then place a small amount of about 1ml in the desired area and massage it with your fingers. This method can be repeated twice a day.

Rogaine Foam

Foam is more traditional approach. Compared to Minoxidil Liquid, in the foam version, Rogaine produces 5% minoxidil for both men and women. Minoxidil foam has great advantages as it is seen to have given faster results than the liquid version. It is easier to use because it dries faster than liquid but has a higher price.

To apply Rogaine foam is almost the same procedure as the liquid. Initially, your face should be cleaned (got a good beard conditioner bros?) and then put in an adequate amount at your fingers. Apply this amount of foam to your beard area so intensely to depict you face well.

It can be practiced twice a day and the time between applications should be around 12 hours. You will decide if you want to clean your face for the second application or not. After some treatment sessions, you can find out which one is best suited for your beard. It should be assumed that there are no wrong methods, but you always have to stay within the guidelines and do what’s best for your beard, so you can achieve the right results.

If you feel that you have a body or skin issue during these processes, it is preferable to drink as much water as possible. This is extremely rare though.

Rogaine and Results

It is probably the most important thing you guys are looking for, right? Each user has his attention on the final result. How much will this product affect your beard growth? It is usually difficult to persuade others to a product whose results vary from individual to individual. However, we suggest you try Rogaine and see its effect.

You have to understand that each individual is different and that the results are not the same for everyone. There are many instances where Rogaine users begin to notice the results after two weeks but also such cases when they take up to two months to see the results of this product. This impressive fact speaks to the variety of individuals and how hair cells react to minoxidil. But you need to have the patience and continue to use rogaine to come to your own conclusion.

minoxidilOne thing you will not see here from us is something like YES IT WORKS 100% OF THE TIME ON EVERYONE! BUY BUY BUY!

It’s not the case. We have had bros who swear by it and bros with whom saw quite little effect. We are all different (which is great, right?), and will respond differently accordingly.

The Importance of Trimming

It is an important issue that needs to be looked after. Most cosmetologists recommend that you trim your beard as this will help Minoxidil to absorb better into the skin and have a greater effect.

Most men prefer such a practice and do not grow their beard until they get the desired results. While shaving will not have any significant positive effect on your beard, trimming will help you get better results by using this product on facial hair. 

Trimming essentially shortens the hair, strengthening the root at the follicle, which will aid beard growth with minoxidil is applied.

If you don’t have a beard trimmer, we have a handy guide to do it with scissors.

Does it really help to get a thicker beard?

We have found an amazing video by Eric Bandholtz on an absolute no nonsense truth behind minoxidil.

We have shown you guys a lot about Rogaine, its use, the way it should be used and the other information, but what many users worry about is what results they will see at the end of the process.

Users have a concern whether they can grow or not a thicker beard with rogaine. What we suggest to potential buyers is to do some research and see if it has had any impact on other users. Checking the amazon reviews of some of these beard growing products is a great way to get a general idea. Think of those as a litmus test as to the quality of the product in general.

Rogaine has given amazing results to lots of men, but you should be patient because not all beards are the same, which means that some people need longer time to have more effects than others. It also has to do with genetics; some men just face a harder time to grow their beard. The data show that there are times when the effects are as imminent as in two weeks, and there are other men who have not seen the effects of this product for up to two months.

The side effects of Rogaine

Like any other product, Rogaine has some side effects. But most users have not reported these effects, which makes us feel safe enough to recommend it. However, we want to explain to you bros some of the possible side effects.

  • skin rash and dryness – this is kind of the case with any cosmetic product. There will be a risk of this, but it isn’t common. It’s also (from our reading of various beard boards) mainly caused by the liquid (topical solution) version.
  • weight gain – this isn’t very strongly evidenced to be honest. What we have read is that minoxidil uses calories to grow, and so you may eat more. That being said, weight gain occurs due to lots of factors. We wouldn’t worry too much about it.
  • headache – again, we’ve heard reports of this on beard boards, but can’t really correlate it.
  • low blood pressure – at the end of the day that is what minoxidil was originally used for.

These are some side effects that users can cope with. Always read the label, and, again, researching will be your best friend here.

Minoxidil Products – Which Should You Get?

kirkland foamThere are two main brands associated with Minoxidil – Rogaine and Kirkland. Rogaine are the original, Kirkland are the newer kid on the block. You can read a discussion on the merits of both here.

We mentioned Rogaine above, but Kirkland are also a reputable dealer in minoxidil. They also offer a liquid and foam version if you want to check them out.

How long should You use Minoxidil?

How long you have to use depends on you and your results. Most users and manufacturers recommend that the period of use should be between three months to one year. Even after reaching the results, it is advisable to use Minoxidil so that the results remain permanent.

But you should carefully consider this process and see the results. Whenever you have received the expected results, you may stop the treatment with Minoxidil, but even if you continue, there will be no risk. But when is the time to end this treatment? The best way to decide is when your beard has reached the right thickness.

Where Should You Buy it?

The most popular brand for selling Minoxidil is Kirkland Signature, and this is because of the reasonable prices they offer. Other brands in Europe like CVS Pharmacy have higher rates compared to Rogaine. You can also buy it online in most of the markets that provide these kinds of services. Amazon is the easiest, cheapest and safest place to pick up any beard growth product. It is secure, fast and professional.

Other similar options also offer different brands such as Mintop, Alopexy, Tru Gain, and Foligain P5. As long as this solution contains 5% minoxidil, it will perform the work correctly.

In some cases shedding may occur

Sometimes temporary hair loss may occur during the application of Minoxidil because of the preparation of hair cells for new hair. Shedding is often the case for many users to avoid this process as they see this as a negative effect, but this is not something to worry about, and it is a sign that Rogaine has begun to give its results.

How to maintain your beard while using Minoxidil?

If you have already started to grow your beard, you should think more about how to maintain it. We will give some advice (and have done so in depth before here).

Initially, a crucial thing is purity. It is necessary for you to pay close attention to this fact. A grown beard is likely to absorb dust or bacteria from the environment. For this reason, it is necessary to clean it properly. It will also help with the efficiency of Rogaine. Shaving will hardly produce better results, so it is not recommended. It is also important to pay attention to the beard trimming process by not letting it grow too much as this will prevent the penetration of Minoxidil into your skin. A short trimmed beard is the ideal fertile ground for minoxidil.

Men who grow their beards are usually passionate about recent fashion trends, and that beard maintenance will not be a problem for them. Also, if you’re not into fashion, that’s damn fine too. I hate fashion and own four shirts and two pairs of jeans. Beards are for everyone.

Other necessary steps while applying Minoxidil

To grow your beard requires patience and dedication. In this process, it is not enough to simply apply Minoxidil and leave it be. But this method also includes other essential elements that will help achieve the best results and in a short period. Hair growth requires a significant amount of work.

Hairs cells can be regenerated very quickly but spend a lot of calories in our body. So in case your beard grows, you should consider this fact. In this case, our body feels the lack of calories, and we need to look for foods with high nutritional value. We suggest you increase the amount of food during the beard growth process.

Among the foods you should eat most often are cheese, fish, meat, vegetables, and other highly nutritious NATURAL foods.. These foods have high levels of protein and will help your body generate more calories compared to other food. This process will affect the acceleration of the beard growth process.

Another important fact is stress. You should not be disturbed by excess stress if possible. What we recommend is to get any physical activity that will help your mental and physical health. A healthy body and mind improves everyone, and so keep that in mind.

Sleep is a major factor during the minoxidil process. You should sleep eight hours every night, or at least your usual optimum level. Perhaps this is a difficult task for most Rogaine users, but sleep is essential in this process. During sleep our body relaxes, and this affects the development of new hair cells. Likewise, sleep will improve your health condition in general, and so you will notice lots more delicious benefits in the process. WOOHOO!


Not only to be in line with beard trends but for many guys, beards have represented masculinity. Rogaine has thickened facial hair in many bros, managing to increase the self-confidence of many people from around the world. As a result of its simple use, reasonable price, low risk of side effects and other factors, Rogaine has managed to attract the attention of many men who want to grow their beards.

It has managed to solve the problem of many males by giving them an excellent look that they’re genuinely happy with. You can find a lot of online reviews from previous users and see how it has affected other people.

Put simply, using Rogaine to thicken facial hair is a good idea MOST of the time, if you can’t grow one without. It has great potential to change your beard by making it thicker and fuller. The fact that Minoxidil is FDA approved for use in scalp shows the great potential of this product. We genuinely hope that you find some success through rogaine or another beard growing product. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

Hit us up if you have any questions beard bros! Always happy to help.

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