Christmas gift guide for the man with a beard


Tis the holiday season and I thought I would write a post on what to buy the bearded man in your life that didn’t include a flannel yoga mat.  Here are a few ideas that I found interesting and you may also.

Since I own and operate Hobo Beard Oil,  beard product should be on your list and we make the finest.

After you have that here are a few other ideas.

Christmas gift guide for the man with a beard

1. Beard Combs

Fisher Beard Combs  hand crafts the finest beard combs on the market, all his combs are handcrafted one at a time.  He starts out with a piece of 1/4″ thick hardwood. Then he cuts, shapes, sands, and on some combs burns in the details using a pyrography pen (fancy word for wood burner). It takes about two hours to complete a comb from start to finish.  He does not use plywood or stains. The color of the comb is the natural color of the wood…Awesome.

fisher comb


We also offer our own wooden combs this year! These Hobo branded combs are cut from Sycamore and are the perfect size at 4in x 2in. These combs are the perfect addition to any beard care routine.

beard comb

2.  Flannel Shirts

I like Wrangler  brand flannel shirts myself, they are cost-effective and have sweet pearl snaps.  They seem to hold up to the test of time similar to that of facial hair, surely a great gift.

Christmas flannel

3.  Portable power band and car jump starter

This portable power supply will keep you connected, plenty of juice to recharge all of your devises via USB ports.  Also has a built-in flashlight and enough power to jump-start your car with the supplied jumper cables.

what to buy a man for Christmas

4.  Carnivore club

This is truly awesome,  you pay money and every month they send you different cured meats.   Nuff said.

5.  Beer of the month

All that meat is going to make you thirsty brother. These guys will send rare craft beers right to your house!

beer of the month Christmas gift


6.  Right edge gut-hook/hatchet combo set

This combo comes with everything you need to cut down a tree and field dress a deer, Merry Christmas!

Christmas gift for hunters


7.  Redwing boots

Get your lumber jack on with these great heritage boots by Redwing, guaranteed to make you the hippest guy at your local Whole Foods market.

Christmas gift for lumbersexuals


8.  Rod and real combo in a hard case

Every bearded man ventures into the wild every once in a while, and one of the best things to do in the wild is go fishing.  This has everything you need to bring the wildest fish to the bank and into your frying pan.

Christmas gift for fishermen


9.  Cast iron pans

The only way to cook on a camp fire is on cast iron,  this is a perfect set that should satisfy the beards needs for fire cooked bacon and eggs.

Christmas gift for outdoorsman

1 0.  Beard Products

Give your beard everything it needs with hobo beard oils trio pack.  With an oil, balm, and a wash it has everything to tame the wildest of beards.

beard shampoo and conditioner

We also offer a box set with our new combs!

beard gift


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