Best Top 6 Home Automation Gadgets



With the market being flooded by all sort of smart devices and home automation gizmos, what are the best and simple to use gadgets you should get? Here is a quick round up of the best top 6 home automation gadgets you should consider.



#1. The Plumb Light Pad:

It was a Kickstarter that was very successful. They basically created the first Wi-Fi enabled light pad dimmer. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi and has an app that can be used to control or it or can be integrated with Amazon Alexa.
The nice thing that the plum light plum dimmer has that none of the others do is what they call the glow ring. This is essentially a presence ring around it that senses your motion or the time of the day. It will light up and it’ll allow you to see where the light is.






#2. The Ring Doorbell:

A smart ringing doorbell is a really great way to get started in home automation. Installation is really simple. You simply take the old doorbell off and install in its place. You can even use the existing wiring. In addition to sounding like a regular doorbell, using its standalone app, you will receive a notification on your phone when someone at your door. It will also allow you to have two-way voice conversations with whoever is at other side of your door. Of course you record and play back the video that goes along with that.





#3.The Nest Thermostat:

This is probably one of the biggest mainstream devices out there but I think it’s still a fantastic option to have. The nest thermostat is super easy to install you simply take your old thermostat out, making note of your wiring scheme, and install it in the same location.
The nice thing about the nest is it takes away all of the programming out of the picture. So by default, you just simply install it and you turn the ring back and forth to adjust the temperature. After about a week or two of using it, the nest will actually learn your schedule and it’ll start to work around that. It will automatically turn off your heat when you are at work, and turn it back on when you are home.



#4. The Yale Touchscreen Keypad Lock:

This is a simple a replacement deadbolt for your front door. You simply use a simple four-digit code unlock your door and into your house you go. You can set this up with many different key codes so you can have different people who have access and you can monitor who they are based on the codes you give them.





#5.  The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller:

From its name, this one is only going to apply to people who currently have a home sprinkler system. So if you do, this is a fantastic and easy way to upgrade and add some intelligence to it. It’s one of those things that are pretty simple to use. In addition to learning your lawn watering schedule, this system take into account if it’s raining and it will not water if it is.
It doesn’t just use a rain sensor. It will lookup weather predictions and even weather stations in your local area to determine how much rain is coming or how much rain has happened within the last amount of time and modify the watering schedule accordingly.
On top of that you can also set zones so you can actually tell the system what type of plant or what type of soil is in a specific area and it will automatically use the appropriate amount of water.


#6. The Arlo Wireless Indoor/Outdoor cameras:

These are really simple to get up and running. They are also a little bit cheaper side, on both the upfront price and monthly subscription sides.
The can operate in two modes, hardwired mode and wireless mode. The hardwired mode means that the cameras are powered up and running all the time, whereas the wireless mode the cameras are in charge mode and will send you recorded video when there is an motion events.
This helps the batter for a really long time and allows you to place them in locations where you would normally wouldn’t (due to wiring restrictions). This is handy when you leave the house and want to get an extra viewpoints of your house.


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