5 Best Pre-Shave Oils that You Need in 2017!


Pre shave oils are something that are COMPLETELY under-utilized these days. Many people have turned back to the old wet shaving style with the shaving brush, soap and safety razor (which can also be known as a straight razor). You know – these guys…

safety razor

But whilst the idea of this is romanticized and can seem like a good ol’ fashioned hark back to previous eras when men were men, it is bloody time-consuming. We all live busy lives, and shaving in this style is not always the best option. We certainly wouldn’t begrudge anyone going for an old style from time to time – heck we do it ourselves about once a week (usually before going out at the weekend) but come one – is it possible all the time?


When it comes to getting the closest, smoothest, most delicious shave possible in the most efficient way possible, the way to go is a good pre-shave oil. We swear by it, and therefore so should you.

Basically, what it does is lubricate the skin and therefore rises the hairs on your face so that the razor can gently glide through for a close wet shave.

We have taken the liberty of choosing the five best pre shave oils that you really should be owning now. Czech it out below…

The Five Best Pre-Shave Oils

american crew pre shave oil American Crew $ 4.8
baxter of california pre shave oil Baxter of California $$ 4.8
taylor of bond street pre shave oil Taylor of Old Bond Street $$$ 4.7
art of shaving pre shave oil Art of Shaving $$$ 4.6
Badger Man Care $$ 4.6

  1. American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil

american crew pre shave oilThis is a simply beautiful product from a leading manufacturer of all things shaving and men relate
o give yourself one of those nasty nicks with this premium product.

I switched to this a few weeks ago as I had a few ingrown hairs. It reduced the amount of them a lot, and that is the single biggest reason why I will stay with this one. It is THAT smooth.

I experimented with about ten different ones, and the five you see here are the best, but this is the absolute cream (pardon the pun) of the crop.

The oil is nicely light and thin and that makes the slide easier, whilst also doesn’t clog up the razor.

It smells great too, by the way. Perfect stuff.

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  1. Baxter of California Shave Tonic

baxter of california pre shave oilThis is one fantastic looking product. Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in California have a very classy brand and this little guy looks elegant and worthy of a man of substance.

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that it is PACKED with vitamins, boasted E and A vitamins which go right into your skin and give the facial hair or skin a firm, natural and healthy sheen. It’s quite unlike anything else on the market in that regard.

It also contains eucalyptus, camphor oil, rosemary and some other ingredients to give it a great scent.

It also allows you to get a fantastic glide and cut, and will be very close without constantly nicking as it goes. Yep, this is one to look out for, definitely.

You won’t regret picking this up, and you can check the best prices below.

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  1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil

taylor of bond street pre shave oilHmm, that title is a bit of a mouthful right? Never you mind, because there is certainly substance behind the name.

If your goal is to reduce friction and allow an even cut that gets to even the most flat and stubborn of hairs, then this is the pre shave oil for you.

They feature seven natural oils throughout, and the mix makes for a beautiful woody, earthy scent.

This, used before applying shaving soap, is the best way to make sure that your face is ready for whatever is coming for it.

There is a reason why Taylor of Old Bond Street is a leading brand that you will find in luxury barbers all around the world and the extra dollar or two in price (it really isn’t that much) is 100% worth it.

We have a writer here who is OUTRAGED that it is not number one on the list, but it may just make it there soon!

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  1. Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil

art of shaving pre shave oilGotta admit that the name doesn’t do much for me. It’s a bit of a cop out, but thankfully the product itself sure isn’t. This is arguably the biggest brand in men’s shaving and grooming, and although across the board they are always towards the top, this pre shave oil seems to split people.

Some absolutely LOVE it and swear by it when it comes to classy scent, lightness of touch and ease of glide, whilst others DISLIKE the scent which makes NO sense because you can get it unscented just as easily!

The scents they do have are sandalwood, lemon and lavender. Delish.

This has been on the market for a long time now, and is going nowhere anytime soon. It is a favourite amongst barbers because they are looking for an unscented oil that does not clog razors and won’t cut their client.

PRO TIP: A pre shave oil you find in your favourite barbers usually points to quality, and you will find these absolutely everywhere. We rest our case.

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  1. Badger Man Care Pre-Shave Oil

It was SUCH a tough decision to put this in fifth instead of fourth, but in hindsight it doesn’t really matter as all five of these oils are the absolute top of the table and you will NOT be disappointed with any of them.

This hippies amongst you will love this. It isn’t just natural but is certified as an organic oil. That means that vegans can use it without bother and that it is really REALLY good for you. Plus the brand is family owned and is locally sourced and produced in their hometown – again, that’s a huge plus for us.

This is a winner. We can’t fully put our finger on what it is, but it’s just a gorgeous glide and it smells great and natural. It also has lots of jojoba oil, which helps the ease of glide considerably. A wonderful product.

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What is Pre Shave Oil?

Basically, it is an oil that is applied to the skin before the razor touches it. It coats a lubricating layer that protects the skin from nasty nicks and red lumps by allowing the razor to glide smoothly over the hair without skin trappage.

It is this trapping of the skin that causes irritation, and so adding it to your shaving routine is a quickfire way to ensure a healthier face and neck in general.

It’s not just a great solution for stopping nicks and bumps, but the oils also have many beneficial ingredients that ensure the skin is never too dry or tight.

Why is it good to use?

It should be said that it takes a lot less time than the standard brush and shaving soap and so if you are rushing you can be in and out of the bathroom much quicker than the other way. WIN!

The natural ingredients in these products include things like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and other essential ingredients. Delish.

How to apply a pre-shave oil

It’s pretty straightforward, for the most part.  The primary goal of using pre-shave oil is not to lubricate the skin but to make it moist and dexterous. It untightens the skin.

The ideal scenario is to do it AFTER your shower. The hot water in the shower will help to open up your pores and when the face is still wet, add three or four drops of pre shave oil onto your fingers and then swiftly and with purpose rub it into the cheeks, the neck and the chin.

After this is done, you will want to gently (but firmly) massage your face. This rubs the oil further in and lifts up the hairs in order to put more of the moisture inside the pores as opposed to simply resting on the surface.

Make sense?

This is the absolute perfect way to ensure you won’t get any nasty ingrown hairs or raised grazes whilst making sure you’re always fresh as a daisy.

You don’t want it to be overly greasy – that is not the sign of a good beard oil. That said, it should easily be able to spread around the surface area without feeling thin.

A good pre shave oil will absorb easily and will make your skin feel moist for a long time afterwards. Oils that contain mainly castor, avocado, olive or apricot kernel oils will be really good at this.

Thanks bros! Honestly, you could do a LOT worse than to try out these bad boys when thinking about how to up your shaving game. You definitely will NOT regret it.

Peace out.

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